Father Joshua at Reiki-Do

Reiki-Do and ‘From Here To There’ hosted Father Joshua’s Evening Talk yesterday Friday, March 31, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Princess Centre’s Conference Room, in Leamington. During the afternoon, Father Joshua gave a few treatments at the Reiki-Do Natural Healing Centre. Dori and Martha had the privilege to offer him a Reiki treatment […]

Natural Healing Practice Promises Healing Through Relaxation

Leamington Post, Wednesday March 22, 2006 A new natural healing practice promises to offer relaxation to heal the body, mind and spirit through balancing your “life energy.” Martha and Dori Patriche, formerly of Quebec opened the holistic therapy centre called Reiki-Do on the fourth floor of the Princess Centre on March 1. “A typical 60 […]

Reiki-Do’s Open House April 4 2006

Reiki-Do anounces OPEN HOUSE On April 4th, 2006 from 2 pm to 6 pm in an oasis of serenity and peacefulness at our new location in Leamington, Princess Centre 33 Princess St., Unit 404 Please follow and like us:

Father Joshua at Reiki-Do

Reiki-Doand‘From Here To There’ announce Father Joshua’s Evening Talk On Friday, March 31, from 7 – 9 PM at the Reiki-Do Conference Room Leamington, Princess Centre, Room 302b Father Joshua is also available for Private Healings SessionsFrom March 29th to April 3rd For information and booking contact Judith at 519.326.1065 Please follow and like us:

The Four aspects of the Reiki Practice

Healing Technique The Usui System of Reiki Healing is a hands-on healing technique. Reiki, Universal Life Energy, is channeled through the practitioner’s hands for self-treatment or treatment of others. For more experienced practitioners, Reiki can be channeled through breath or eyesight. The most experienced use only their thoughts to channel Reiki. Personal Growth Giving and […]

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Dreams by Whisperfal
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by Whisperfal

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  All men dream: but not equally.
  Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity.
  But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.

T.E. Lawrence

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