Human Perception

What does manifest mean? What is the difference between the manifest world and the un-manifest world, or the world? What is real and what is not? Let’s try to define and understand all these concepts.

The Humankind Perception Range

First of all, the World is everything that exists independently and outside of us. The World exists regardless of our ability to perceive it. The World is composed of full-range energy frequencies from coarse ones to the finest ones.

The humankind, like any other living species, has its own window of perception, which limits the number of frequencies that can be sensed through primary senses. We can hear in average frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHz (1 Kilo Hertz = 103 Hz), and we can see frequencies between 4300 to 7500 THz (1 Tera Hertz = 1012 Hz). What is perceived within that window of sensing is what it is defined as the Manifest World. Everything else that exists outside our limited window of sensing is un-manifest.

Humans are able to extend their manifest world in two different ways. The first way is the indirect perception, where we do not sense certain things directly, but we are aware of their effects. We cannot see the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays, but we know they exist in the sun’s light, because the first one can tan our skin and the second can provide heat. The same way we know about Qi (Chi) and Reiki energy through their effects on plants, animals, and humans.

Human perception curve

The second way humans are able to extend their perception range is by building instruments that can detect and measure frequencies outside the normal perception range, as it is illustrated in the picture. This way we can hear infrasound or ultrasounds, and detect radio waves, IR rays, UV rays, microwaves, x-rays, and gamma rays. Let’s call this the world defined by this type of perception Material World, because it is composed of elements that can be measured and quantified. This observable world, sometimes called the Real World, is defined by the belief system of the humankind. But as much as we have already learned, there are still frequencies outside our present extended sensing window and phenomena that cannot be explained by current human knowledge and they are considered paranormal.

Some of these frequencies can be sensed only by few “gifted” people. Because only few people have the ability to sense a larger spectrum of energy than the average person, this type of extended sensing window is called Extra Sensorial Perception (ESP), Higher Sense Perception (HSP), or the sixth sense. Some of these people have an innate ability to know (claircognizance), see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) or sense (clairsentience) things that are out of the perception average range. Most of these abilities can be achieved through dedicated training. Meditation is a wonderful way to achieve this type of hypersensitivity. Reiki attunements are proved to instantly increase the student’s ability to feel higher vibrations and to open them to a full range of new experiences.

The Individual Sensing Window

What we call human perception range is in fact the average individual sensing window. This can be represented using statistical methods by a bell-shaped curve of the humankind perception range. We say that human auditive range is 20 Hz to 20 KHz, but there are people that can only hear up to 16 KHz, and others that can hear frequencies even higher than 22 KHz. The same way, there are people who are color-blind and people who can see the higher frequencies of the aura.

Individual sensing window curve

One might say that concrete reality falls within the largest part of the bell-shaped curve of your perception, defined by the level of high clarity of perception. People tend to question or doubt their or the others’ perceptions when they reach out beyond the peak part of the curve. As you can see in the picture, some of the frequencies that are perceived with high clarity by person A, are questionable for the average person, and they are completely outside the clarity range of person B.

There is another level of individual perception. This time the limitation comes from each individual’s belief system. In this respect each of us lives in its individual reality, determined by the quality of the information or energy we filter. The old saying that "we see what we want to see" is true.

A famous example: In the very beginning, Native Americans were not able to see the boats bringing in the first visitors to the New World, because such things did not exist for them. My grandfather believed that there was a trick when he saw on TV the first men on the Moon. Today, most of people do not believe that phenomena like telepathy and distant healing are real, even though they can be explained by the newest research in Quantum Physics.


As you can see in the first drawing, the World is represented by the outer circle. Inside this circle there is another circle that represents the maximum human perception range at a certain time and separates the Manifest World (inside) from the Un-manifest World (outside). The inner shapes inside the Manifest World represent two different individual sensing widows. We can imagine two people, one of whom cannot see, and the other one who cannot hear. The communication range of those two people is limited to the common perception range (the hatched area). These would be in our case the three remaining basic senses, but also telepathy, the sense of Ki, and all the other extended sensorial perceptions.

Manifest World

The distinction between the manifest and un-manifest, both at humankind and individual level is an objective one, being determined by the physical limitation of our senses, including the ESP.

In the second drawing, inside the outer circle that represents the World, there is a square that represents what is accepted by humans as reality at a certain moment and in a specific culture, and separates the Material World (inside) from the Immaterial World (outside). The inner rectangles represent two different people’s belief systems. As we can see, one of them is able to "think outside the box" in certain area of the human knowledge, while the other one follows to a certain extent the commonly accepted belief system. We can see the first person as a Reiki practitioner, and the other one as the average person of the community. The communication between them is limited to subjects common to both belief systems (the hatched area). This area can be extended if at least one of them is willing to remove the blocks in their belief system and extend the limits of their knowledge.

Material World

The distinction between reality and non-reality is a subjective one, dictated by the belief system, both at social and individual level.

Manifestation and Materialization

If we accept all the definitions above, then manifesting something means expanding our manifest world in order to bring something from the un-manifest to the manifest world. Manifesting means also accessing in a non-conventional way the Un-manifest world in order to produce a change in the Manifest World.

Also, this means that to materialize something means to expand our reality by removing blocks in our belief system in order to make something part of our reality. In a similar manner, materializing something implies the access to the Immaterial or Un-Real World in a quest to produce changes in the Material or Real World.

Bringing something into someone’s life does not mean manifesting or materializing that thing, but mostly bringing it into one’s consciousness and making it possible.

Encouraged by the teachings of “The Secret”, people have started to say lately "I have manifested a new car", or "…a new home". The car and/or the house were already part of our manifest world, and also part of our reality. The only thing they needed to do in this case was to bring the need for the new car in their conscious mind, reorganize their priorities and remove the blocks in their belief system preventing them from obtaining it.


As humankind progresses along its evolutionary path, the bell curve of perception becomes wider and wider. This curve of perception gives an insight of the limitations of the human mind in this time of its evolution. Humans would seek to have the entire range of perception of their mind functioning at the peak of the bell curve over all frequencies of perception so that expanded reality becomes as concrete as, a rock. The bell curve of perception would then expand to its peak until it becomes flat. When the whole is reached, the manifest and un-manifest become one, and the same as material and immaterial.

Till then, people with higher perception range have to be patient and understanding towards the vast majority, who have a reduced sensing window and a limited belief system regarding the material world. Also, they have the role to educate them about the things they can perceive which the others can’t. Those who can’t have to be open-minded and to try not to dismiss these things without at least analyze their effects. Reiki is only one of those unseen forces which, given a chance, can prove its beneficial effects on all living creatures.

This article was inspired by Barbara Ann Brennan, energy healer, psychotherapist, scientist and author.

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One Response to “Human Perception”

  • Dori Says:
    December 30th, 2007 at 18:55

    Sometimes we call “miracles” phenomena that belong to the un-manifest or immaterial world, but have consequences in the manifest or material world. If we equate the entire world with nature, we can understand better what St. Augustine said approximately sixteen centuries ago:
    “Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature.”

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