I had been having problems with a rib on my left side for a long time, when early this year it seemed to get out of control. Around February it started to slip out of place about once a month, but my chiropractor was able to put it back in place. In April, things took a turn for the worse and my rib wouldn’t stay in place more than a week at a time. Beginning of May, it wouldn’t even last for a few hours and I had completely given up any hope of relief.

For those who have never had a rib out of place, I would like to explain what that feels like: the pain is very intense and it shoots up into your neck, arm and shoulder, it debilitates you to the point of not being able to function or even think properly.

On May 20th I was supposed to meet with Martha and Dori at the Reiki-Do Natural Healing Centre to go over last-minute details regarding the Holistic Health Expo they organize every year in Windsor at the Caboto. That morning the pain was just excruciating and I couldn’t even breathe or move, so I was unable to attend the meeting, but instead they came over and Dori and Martha did Reiki on my rib for 45 minutes. The treatment was very intense and half-way through I felt like my rib went back into place and the pain eased substantially.

On a more personal note, I would like to say that for 2 years Reiki has been more than a therapeutic tool for me, it has been a lifestyle, a means of re-discovering and improving myself, a path that I walk every moment of every day, but I had never thought it would be possible to have a bone put back in place using only Reiki. And although I just had my Reiki Master training course in June, I feel that the journey has just begun and that there will always be more to learn and experience for many years to come.

Many thanks to my dear friends and mentors Dori and Martha for their constant love, patience and dedication to their mission.

With love and gratitude,

Lynn Sovie, Reiki Master Practitioner
Leamington, Ontario
May 2009


A while ago, I drove myself to a Holistic Health Fair, the first time I’d driven alone for such a long distance in months – I was behind the wheel for I’ll bet 20 minutes. And I made it. All by myself.

Flushed with victory, I went into the building and paid a small entrance fee. This got me a ticket to a raffle which I put in my purse for later. I made the rounds, looking at all the displays, asking questions.

At the Reiki table I asked many questions, and we had a fairly long conversation. As I was going to leave, Dori asked me to wait a minute, and went to another table to get something. He held an appointment card, and wrote on it, saying he wanted me to come in for a free treatment.

The next day, I got a phone call from his wife Martha, who also does Reiki, and she told me I’d won the raffle. When I told her that Dori had already offered me a free treatment, she was delighted and said they would give me a double treatment. They would both work on me at the same time for an hour.

The day of my appointment, I went to Reiki-Do Natural Healing Centre which is in their home in Leamington, Ontario. They sat with me in their living room for an hour. They wanted to know about my condition [CFS], my symptoms, my history, my feelings, my family. They made me feel like I was the most important person in the world, and like they had all the time in the world for me.

Then they had me lie down and covered me with a sheet. Dori stood at my head and Martha at my feet. They didn’t touch me during the process, but their arms and hands were extended out over me, moving from one area to another. I was quiet, but inside my mind was very busy and foggy at the same time, and I had some buzzy physical sensations, that had started before the treatment. Dori said that he sensed that initially my thoughts were racing but he thought they’d calmed down after some time. He was right.

I felt the need to cough after awhile. A different kind of tickle, or pressure. I suppressed it at first then thought this might be part of it, so I coughed a tiny little cough a few times. They both agreed, ‘There may be some things you need to voice’. Boy was THAT the truth and had been for some time!

The treatment lasted about 45 minutes. I think I was asleep part of the time. They gave me some water afterward, and sat with me for about 15 minutes afterward, making sure I was feeling okay. Sometimes, they explained, people can feel a bit disoriented after. I had the feeling if I’d wanted to stay longer they would have given me the rest of the afternoon. What sweet people.

Later, my legs hurt off and on, especially my right knee where I’d been injured in an old bike accident. My head was a bit achy, earaches, swollen glands, sore throat. Toxins moving out? It occured to me.

Later still, I was aware of a great calm. I had now become aware that, prior to this, even when I’d have said I was relaxed and not experiencing symptoms, there remained what I termed a ‘chattering’ in my arms and in my head. But for the next 24 hours it was gone. Had it not been for this great calm as a contrast, I would not have ever realized that even when I think I’m relaxed, I’m not. I have a constant chatter in my nervous system.

I would like to experience the fullness of that great calm again.

Jody Smith
Kingsville, Ontario
July 2008


I’m the mother of a now 7-month-old boy who had extremely severe sleeping issues and who sometimes would cry for 20 hours a day. I would take him to different doctors, who would test him for a wide range of ailments, but in the end the tests would come out negative. Chiropractic had helped him a lot since he was only 6 days old, and I was very grateful for that. He was almost 6 months old when I realized that he wasn’t growing properly, and after reading different medical studies, I understood that most of the growth in infants happens through sleep, so the explanation for my baby’s slow growth was his lack of sleep.

A friend of mine suggested that I take a Reiki course, as many young mothers had found energy work to be amazingly helpful with sleeping habits in babies.

I wanted to see what Reiki could do for my little boy, so he had a series of 5 treatments very close together. I could already see improvement After 3 weeks and 9 Reiki sessions a miracle happened! He slept for 12 hours! From that moment on, he started growing very fast and very visibly. I could finally get some sleep myself, and more importantly, I could stop worrying about him.

After taking the course, I was able to give him and myself treatments daily and now we are finally living a normal, worry-free life! I am grateful to Martha and Dori for their steady love and patience, as well as dedication to their life mission, which is teaching Reiki and helping everyone who is committed to maintaining or re-creating their health.

With love and many thanks,

Leigh Ann Mastronardi
Kingsville, Ontario
October 2007


Reiki has changed my whole perspective on life. I am 60 and I finally feel like my life has got meaning, purpose, and more joy in it. I feel renewed and rejuvenated and ready for the new adventures and challenges that the future has in store for me.

I had had migraine headaches since I could remember. I remembered my mom explaining to my 7-year-old brother (I was 5) that I couldn’t go outside and play with him. ‘Live her alone, she’s got a headache!’ she would say to him. In time, I had learned to live with the pain and the anticipation of it, and every time I hoped it would be a little better than the last time, but never was. All I could do to make the headaches go away for a little while at a time was chiropractic and Reiki. They would always come back after a few days, sharp as always. The only way I knew how to describe the pain, was as if I had a stick at the base of my skull.

After one of my regular Reiki sessions, I mentioned it to Dori and Martha. They started asking questions and the more information I was giving them, the more interested they became. They said that the next session would be what they called ‘a karmic healing session’ or a ‘past life trauma healing’. They explained to me that this is the Reiki version of past life regression therapy, where (from what I understood) they would remove any ‘energy objects’ such as ropes, knives, arrows, water, stuck in my aura – these are not real, just the energy masquerading as these objects. These sit in the auric field throughout our lifetime, weakening the body and causing all kind of dis-eases.

I will never forget that day. It was a Saturday evening and the pain had become excruciating. I wrote Martha an email and she told me to come in right away. I lay on the table, not knowing what to expect, but in a state of ultimate surrender to God’s grace – I really didn’t want to live like that anymore. As the session started, I closed my eyes and a big screen opened before me.

I was watching myself on the screen, standing in the middle of a dirt street, in a town of wooden sidewalks. I was wearing a long blue dress with matching hat and purse and I was flirting with 3 men. Next, I see a very large man, he’s Indian and wears buckskin, but his back is towards me. I also see a big white horse with grey speckles, bare back, and I know that it belongs to the Indian. Then all of a sudden I see a little river or creek running through a large field, a teepee, then I see foothills in a distance. I know I must hurry. My feet hurt and feel very hot, but I keep slipping on loose stones and trying to grab onto a large rock in order to pull myself up. I look scared. The picture changes again and the end of an old recurring dream of mine is playing now: I am 14 and wearing loose clothes. Somebody has tied a baby to my waist. I am the only one who can save the baby. I try to cross the bridge to freedom, but the baby and I don’t make it.

Suddenly I understood that in two of my previous lives I had died in a tragic way, and that the ‘stick’ I felt at the base of my skull was probably an arrow. I also understood that I kept feeling guilty because I could not save that baby. The screen had disappeared, and my head felt really, really hot.

When the session was over, I felt very weak, but slept very well that night. Since that day, my headaches have never come back. I feel like I am reborn, I now live a full, healthy, happy life, a new life.

Martha and Dori have been a real blessing for my family and me, and I am thankful for the wonderful gift of love and healing that they have brought into our lives.

Love, always,

Lynn Sovie
Leamington, Ontario
September 2007


My experience with Reiki began in the fall of 2005. I came to Dori and Martha for a treatment. The experience left me overwhelmed with excitment and hope. I knew at that moment Reiki was for me. In January 2006 I became a level one Reiki Practitioner, in March I took the second level and a year and half later I am a Reiki Master Practitioner.

The changes in me in the past year and a half have been profound. I have grown on all levels. Reiki has opened me up spiritually in a way I never knew was possible. My health has improved tremendously. Previous to Reiki I had one cold after another with ear and throat infections, which went on for many years. My energy level has improved greatly and my stress level has gone down.

I believe all can be benefited by Reiki who are on a path to improving their health and growth as a spiritual being.

Dori and Martha are very open, loving and caring people. They are here to bring much love and healing to the planet.

Love and blessings,

Alice Frith, Reiki Master Practitioner
Tecumseh, Ontario
July 2007


I had had a very traumatic and painful accident at work, which resulted in 4 broken ribs. All my doctor could recommend was rest and painkillers, as there is no other remedy for broken ribs. Taking into consideration my age (I am an active 70 year old) and also the usual average healing time for this type of injury, he gave me 6 to 8 weeks before I could consider going back to work. I was in excruciating pain, and breathing alone was an extremely painful experience. This is when my wife Lynn mentioned energy healing (Reiki) and insisted that I go see these two energy therapists Martha and Dori Patriche, who have their practice here in Leamington. I would have done anything to make the pain go away, so I went.

After the first Reiki session, the horrible stabbing pain had disappeared, leaving behind a dull, mild kind of discomfort, but as I carried on with the treatments, I would feel more and more comfortable and slowly went back to my regular activities around the house. After only 4 weeks, I went to see my doctor who did a compression test on my ribs. There was no sign of trauma or calluses proving that there had been an injury to the ribs. My doctor was stunned. Not only did the Reiki sessions help me recover faster, but also my overall state of well being had improved dramatically.

When my wife Lynn decided to take a Reiki course it seemed like the most natural thing to do. Healing with energy is now an important part of our daily life. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Reiki and to be able to experience its countless benefits.

Thank you for your help,

Joe Sovie
Leamington, Ontario
May 2007


After completing the Reiki I course, things are finally going well on my side of the world. I feel better than I have for a long, long time. I have more energy and feel upbeat and positive. I’ve been on a healing journey for quite a while and had felt very discouraged, but Reiki was obviously the next step for me towards healing. I feel that I am peeling back the layers to reveal better health and awareness each time. I also see that my hiatus from spiritual learning and practicing was part of the foundation for my physical illness. You can never regress, and take it from me, don’t try. Once you’ve become aware, you are committed to live by it and practice it! Now that I am back on track, the healing continues on all levels and I am once again pointed in the direction of spiritual learning and living.

The self-treatments are awesome. I have practiced on my children and doggy. Jen and I have had a chance to chat about our experiences and our wishes for the future on how to use Reiki. We are both very excited about this and how it’s changed our whole beings.

It is a life-changing course and Martha and Dori addressed that sacredness with their gentle ways. The Reiki share evenings are also really important to assist the teachings. I found it very useful.

Many blessings and much love,

Ann Johnston
Staples, Ontario
March 2007


Let me start by saying that, after completing the Level I Reiki course in June 2006, I feel that everyone should experience this for him/herself. Dori and Martha are extremely friendly and open to sharing their wisdom with everyone, they are wonderful teachers and they make you feel so at home in their presence that itÂ’s hard to leave!

Dori and Martha are very knowledgeable and the course reflects that. The manual I received is full of helpful information and I use it almost every time I treat someone to a Reiki session. The other thing that I found interesting is the background information about the origin of Reiki and the differences between the various types of Reiki that are being practiced.

During each attunement I felt profound joy! Afterwards I felt (and still do) very light, not so much physically, but emotionally/mentally. I feel more connected to and aware of my higher self, like I am finally on my way to realizing my purpose in this life. For a long time I was ‘sitting on the fence’ so to speak regarding my spirituality. I wanted to feel more of a connection with god, angels and so on, but was afraid to take the next step to open myself up more. Once Reiki found me, that fear vanished; I knew that Reiki was the next step. I am amazed at my healing powers; there are so many people that could benefit from Reiki. I encourage everyone, no matter what your background to give Reiki a try.

I feel so blessed to have Reiki in my life. Thank you Dori and Martha for re-awakening this beautifully divine gift for me.

With eternal gratefulness,

Jennifer Merritt
Staples, Ontario
August 2006


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