Reiki Session Rates

General considerations

The cost of healing sessions does not depend on the type of Reiki session; it depends only on the duration of that session.

When two or more Reiki practitioners are involved in a healing session, the duration is divided by the number of practitioners.

Prices are based on average prices for massage therapy sessions in the area.

The taxes are included in the advertised price.

For home visits in surrounding area add $20.

Single Session

One healer sessions:

  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 60 minutes – $60
  • 90 minutes – $85

Two or more healer sessions:

  • 40 equivalent* minutes – $50
  • 60 equivalent* minutes – $70
  • 90 equivalent* minutes – $95
  • 120** equivalent* minutes – $120

* The real time is the equivalent time divided by the number of Reiki practitioners involved.
** For relational healing: always performed by two Reiki practitioners.
*** In order to promote the two-healer sessions, for a limited time we offer the same prices as the one-healer sessions.


For intensive or long-term care, two regular session packages are available. For other arrangements, please contact us.

5 one-hour sessions

This package is suitable for adults who need consecutive sessions at regular intervals. It is useful either for specific healing sessions, or for maintenance sessions.

Package price $250
Price per session $50 (Compare to regular price $60)
Savings $50

5 half-hour sessions

This package is intended for people who benefit more from shorter and closer sessions than from longer and far-apart sessions. Examples are children up to 12 years old, seniors from 65 years up, pregnant women and adults suffering from long-term diseases.

Package price $150
Price per session $30
Savings $50

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