Karmic Reiki

Karmic Reiki is a new Reiki style created by Martyn Pentecost, which, although based on Usui Reiki techniques, is used in a slightly different manner in order to deal with the various issues that arise from negative karmic events. It is primarily an ‘auric’ Reiki and uses incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to vaporise karmic issues, cleanse the shadows of karmic vaporisation and finally connect the client with their guides for complete karmic healing.

The system has 5 Karmic Reiki symbols: 2 are used as Reiki symbols to help ease the effects of ‘anonymous’ karma, while the remaining 3 ‘sister’ symbols provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about remarkable results, including revealing in great detail events from people’s past lives (like regression therapy).

This class is taught in 1 or 2 consecutive days, for a total of 8 hours. The topics covered by this course are:

  • Aura
  • Karma
  • The description of the 5 symbols, including how to draw them, what they mean, and how to use them
  • Helping the students to memorize the symbols
  • 2 Karmic Reiki empowerments, similar to Reiju empowerments
  • Healing crisis
  • Demonstration of Karmic Reiki treatments and self-treatments
  • Practice time
  • Demonstration showing how to give empowerments
  • Practice giving each of the empowerments
  • Discussion on how to teach Karmic Reiki and answering questions
  • Additional exercises, and meditation.

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master level.

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