Tibetan Reiki

The story of the Tibetan Reiki lineage is presented by Craig Ellis, Tibetan Reiki Master. Ascended Masters taught in time what we refer to now as Tibetan Reiki to people in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, the Andes, Machu Pichu and to the Hunas in Polynesia, and later to Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. They also taught Tschen Li in the late 1800s. He taught Dr. Usui, the founder of the Traditional Reiki lineage.

Tibetan Reiki provides a complete system of energy healing that assists in bringing our energies into harmony and balance. Although it is not possible to prove or disprove whether this system actually originated in Tibet (since the symbols do not come from the Tibetan Sanskrit language), the spiritual information of each symbol is however similar to that found in many Eastern philosophies.

The course consists of one attunement and a theoretical presentation. The Tibetan Reiki course covers the following topics:

  • 18 symbols and their uses
  • chakra empowerment
  • the gate to parallel dimensions
  • strengthening the Light Body
  • connection between Spirit and Matter
  • cleansing and opening the third eye channels
  • revitalizing the chakra system
  • changing and replacing DNA
  • balancing the two sides of the body
  • receiving spiritual advice and guidance
  • knowledge of hidden mysteries
  • invocation of beneficial spiritual entities
  • Archangel Michael’s sword technique
  • Solar Angels
  • Mental healing technique
  • Distance healing technique
  • Tree of Life meditation
  • Usui Master mantra
  • Attunement procedures for self, in-person, distant, and group attunements

Prerequisites: Usui Reiki Master level.

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